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Our senior management team has many years of experience in high-end real estate investment with a focus on transaction monitoring and investment audit.





Christian Huelsebusch - Partner, CEO



Chris has more than 30 years experience  in real estate business. After studies of economics

and social sciences at the universities of Oldenburg and Cologne, he held various leading

positions in Germany and abroad. Entering Cedex Consult Cologne in 1999 he became

responsible and accountable for the overall operation and management of the company.

He is now in charge of the strategic direction and priorities and monitors the performance

of each project. In addition, he took over various supervisory and administrative

mandates. Since 2012 he is also president of the Stress Center NRW.


Languages: German, English, French, Luxemburgish, Dutch








Carlo Esser - Partner, Head of Asset Management & Project Development




Carlo has more than 40 years experience in Investment Banking and Real Estate. After studies

of law and philosophy he worked for banks and financial institutions in Switzerland and Luxemburg.

As a member of the board he accompanied many real estate transactions. Due to his

extensive investment banking and real estate experience, he was appointed General Manager

of a family office in 2019 and continues leading the Asset Management and Project Development

at Cedex. He is responsible for all activities related to the acquisition and audit of

properties and preparing, analyzing, and distributing reports to investors.


Languages: German, English, French, Luxemburgish, Italian





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