Cedex Consult Cologne is a real estate management and consulting firm. We work in conjunction with an international partner group with a focus on real estate investments. We take over and accompany all real estate related transactions and audits. We are a member of the advisory boards for strategy development in the sectors of investment and capital.
Over the past 25 years, we have worked with our partners on properties worth more than EUR 1 billion.




Our Services




Our capital partners invest in existing properties, project developments and joint ventures with economic stability and development potential.
Our tasks are the controlling and monitoring of all transactions related to the investments. In preparing the investment decisions, we draw on our own expertise and a network of external top consulting companies, in particular in regards to the legal, fiscal, financial and technical due diligence. We coordinate interdisciplinary teams of experts who support us in all cross-cutting issues.

Our services:


  •  Transaction consultancy, transaction management
  •  Monitoring and controlling vendor / buyer due diligence
  •  Preparation of transaction oriented Q & A processes
  •  Asset and portfolio management
  •  Strategy consulting and development
  •  M & A advisory for real estate transactions
  •  Capital debt advisory
  •  Profitability, sensitivity and risk analysis
  •  Risk management









The intense pressure on the real estate markets and the high transaction speeds make investment decisions more difficult. More and more, investors do not have enough time for a comprehensive purchase audit. In order to enable our customers to make a qualified decision, we work to continuously optimize the risk analysis processes and the Q & A processes. As a result, the extensive due diligence checks can be specifically prepared and accelerated.

Discretion, reliability and professionalism are very important to us. The constant handling of sensitive data of our customers requires protection and secrecy. A basic requirement for our clients, who are mainly recruited from the banking, funds and family offices sectors.




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